With decades of stakeholder and community experience, the mba Team offers clients the opportunity to benefit from our knowledge and expertise. We understand the changing landscape and challenges of modern engagement. This ensures mba consulting & software services is always fresh and responsive to the ever-changing landscape you operate in.

Our values, combined with an understanding of budgetary constraints, the political landscape and strategic frameworks, all which influence stakeholder and community engagement, continually provides tangible value for our clients.

What sets our cross-disciplinary team apart is that we don’t just talk the talk- we have walked the walk over many years and are excited to share our expertise and learnings with our clients. Additionally, we have the research and analytic skills to develop robust business cases for our clients’ consultations.

We are privileged to partner with amazing clients from diverse sectors who inspire our team to innovate and deliver extraordinary outcomes.

We would love to discuss your next project with you.