Economic Development, Tourism and Investment Readiness

Economic Development and Tourism

Local, regional and global changes continually provide local councils and business associations with new opportunities and challenges in fostering economic growth and sustainability.

The key drivers of local economic growth rest on collaboration, innovation and knowledge. The MBA team, develop strategic and tactical Economic and Tourism Strategies through:

  • Economic and Trend Research
  • Consultation and Engagement
  • Strategy Development
  • Implementation Assistance

Our consistent approach results in a action roadmap focused on creating momentum across all stakeholders.

Investment Readiness

Attracting investors, developers, medical facilities, universities, businesses and residents is at the core of sustained economic prosperity and employment growth.

Some of investment readiness services include:

  • Investment Attraction Prospectus’ and Town Centre Profiles
  • LGA and suburb based Socio-Economic Reports
  • Doing Business Guides

Our reports draw on over 50 different datasets to provide comprehensive yet easy to digest information. Not only useful to attract new investment, but they are also designed to provide a resource for Council officers to draw upon for:

  • Grant and funding applications
  • Economic development and tourism strategies
  • Land use planning
  • Community Strategic Planning