Our Community Apps are designed to enhance Councils’ communications with their community, through integrating a suite of features that your community want to access 24/7 and on the go!

Our Community Apps also serve as a new resident welcome pack.

Apps include features which cannot be integrated into your existing website. We customise the Apps to reflect your Council’s and community’s needs.

Explore some of the features!

Community Emergency Alerts

Natural disaster, road incidents? Instantly notify your community via a push message. These can be issued via desktop or smartphone

Instant Photo Reporting

Through our ‘Report It’ function, your community members can report on graffiti, illegal dumping, pot holes, damaged signage and more

Book An Appointment

Community members are able to book an appointment with whom you choose, eg: Duty Planner, Mayor, GM, Facilities and Recreation Bookings Coordinator etc

What's On

The community can save events to their calendars, virally market your events by sharing with friends, and save their own photos of your events.

Find It!

A GPS map and list directory of all your facilities, parks and playgrounds.

Mayor and Councillor Profiles

Including ‘Click to Call’

Online Forms

We can sync your online workflow forms into the App or alternatively we build a new form platform.

Multimedia Gallery

Does your Council film its Council meetings, public forums and events? Integrate into your App

Parking Mate and Public Transport Planner

Parking Mate is awesome! It enables your community to ‘pin’ where they have parked their car and if there are time restrictions, to set a reminder! Plus integrated public transport planner.

Latest News

A section dedicated to your latest news, Mayoral column and newsletters.